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if the area around your piercing body jewelry hurts, seeps, oozes pus and/or bleeds, it's not a keloid; it's probably either an infection or a sebaceous cyst. irritants like oil, sweat, dirt, perfume, hairspray and lots of other things can aggravate a piercing and cause an infection. this irritation will create a growth filled with all kinds of nasty stuff, and it'll be painful to touch. unfortunately, it also won't respond very well to normal cleansing, although it's important to keep it clean so it doesn't get worse. the upside to this kind of bump is that it's easily treatable at home by performing proper piercing tragus earrings aftercare. if it doesn't clear up in a few days, though, you should see your doctor. sebaceous cysts, while not malignant, will usually be little more than an annoyance and will sometimes go away on their own. normally, they're painless, but they can rupture or get infected. they are easy for your doctor to diagnose, but they usually have to be removed surgically; the entire sebaceous gland has to be removed or else the cyst may recur. if you think you have a sebacious cyst, the best thing for you to do is see your doctor and follow their recommendation— belly button ring and despite all urges, don't touch it.
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